About Us

At Custom Paint and Repair, we prioritize the excellence of our work and strive to ensure that every aspect of every project is executed flawlessly. We understand the significance of attention to detail and make it a point to meticulously handle each task, no matter how small. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch results, and we go the extra mile to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. We firmly believe that the quality of our work speaks for itself, and we take great pride in the positive feedback we consistently receive. With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that your project will be completed with the utmost care and precision.

Ricardo Santos, a determined individual, has overcome tremendous odds to build his own business from scratch in America. Arriving in this foreign land with nothing but a dream, he refused to let any obstacle stand in his way. Through sheer hard work and unwavering perseverance, Ricardo transformed his life and established a thriving enterprise. From humble beginnings, he tirelessly invested his time and energy into his business, building it up piece by piece. Despite facing countless challenges and setbacks, Ricardo remained undeterred, using every setback as a stepping stone towards his ultimate success. Today, he stands as a true testament to the power of resilience and the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

Ricardo Santos, Owner, Founder